Introduction to Tai Chi Easy

Tai Chi EasyTM is easy, fun and beneficial. It can be done sitting, standing or walking.  

6 Modules:

There are 6 modules in this course.

Start with module 1 and after you have practiced that session, you can move to the next module when you are ready.

You can watch each module as many times as you need, take your time and enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of Tai Chi Easy:

Practices are taken from 4 Baskets.

1.      5 of the 108 traditional Gentle Movements.

Aids balance and posture

Circulates lymph

Boosts immune system

2.     Breathing 

Lowers heart rate and blood pressure

Increases circulation

Circulates lymph

Boosts immune system

3.     Massage that benefits all body systems

4.     Relaxation, Visualization and Meditation 

Calms mind

Positive attitude

Healing imagery

Reduces stress responses.

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